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MySQL Madness

Posted by: scoopseven in MySQL 18 years ago
Spent a good deal of time today learning about MySQL's limits when it comes to non-indexed tables. I had 4 column table which included a date, IP address and 2 integers. The CFMX server started going bananas, taking a long time to finish requests. I lowered the timeout, so long running requests would die and I increased the number of simultaneous requests in the ColdFusion administrator from 8 to 100! the server would eventually use all 100 connections and then start queuing requests, then die. Finally I decided to check out our MySQL database server, which is never the problem, and found tons of locked queries trying to select/insert/update into my 4 column table.

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Fusebox 4.1 and Application.cfm

Posted by: scoopseven in ColdFusion 18 years, 1 month ago
In Fusebox4.1 it's impossible to achive the ideal directory structure for I'd like to have n different sites, two for now, and, each having a different fusebox.xml.cfm so that they have their own circuits (which may point to the same physical folder) share a Application.cfm file, so a user session can span the two sites. Because the Fusebox4.1 core (fusebox.xml.cfm) depends on the name attribute in the cfapplication tag this doesn't work. It's supposed to be fixed in Fusebox5.0, according to Hal Helms.

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Posted by: scoopseven in MediaPost 18 years, 1 month ago
Finally, after months of work, and 2 weeks of labor and pushing, we've finally launched the new website using CFMX 6.1, FuseBox 4.1 and MySQL on a DELL computer running Windows 2003 Enterprise Server. The site was moved from a really old computer running NT, CF5 and Microsoft SQL Server.

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