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WordPress 2.1 Image Upload Problem

Posted by: scoopseven in IIS WordPress 16 years ago
After upgrading to Fast-CGI, my WordPress 2.1 image upload tool started asking for a password every time a image was uploaded. Turned out to be a permissions issue with WP/Fast-CGI-IIS that was solved by following the steps below from Joseph Scott's Blog.

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IIS 6 Timeouts - or not timing out - doesn’t timeout - the damn timeouts don’t work!

Posted by: scoopseven in IIS 16 years, 3 months ago
When IIS acts up, and won't timeout requests. When IIS Tracer keeps saying Preproc Headers, and the requests pile up and never finish. When you'd love to kick IIS in the head because requests won't time out. When IIS 6 requests don't time out. (I tried really hard here people!) Check the IIS 6 Metabase. Make sure you've enabled IIS so that you can edit the MetaBase directly (It's in /system32/inetsrv/MetaBase.xml) and check for these three line items.

HeaderWaitTimeout="30" ConnectionTimeout="240" MinFileBytesPerSec="240"

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XML Parsing Error IIS IE Firefox Coldfusion

Posted by: scoopseven in ColdFusion IIS 16 years, 3 months ago
While loading a page in my browser, IE or FireFox, I kept getting this odd error message... "XML Parsing Error - Not Well Formed". The odd thing was that I was loading a HMTL page, no XML. I tried changing the DocType tag, making my Javascript XML complaint (duh!) and I could not get this error to go away. I read something re: ASP causing the problem, so I disabled that in IIS, nothing. Turns out in a background process, I was calling a web service where the following code was used.

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Http keep-alives

Posted by: scoopseven in IIS 16 years, 4 months ago
I've been trying to read about iis type problems. I've read a bunch about keep-alives, and don't totally understand 'em. Anyway, here is a thread of general cf interest:

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Updating CFMX 6.1

Posted by: scoopseven in ColdFusion IIS 17 years, 5 months ago
Hotfixes since 6.1 Updater Newest supported JVM 1.4.2_05
for those having troubles installing a new JRE (like I did): With MX 6.1 you have to install the whole SDK, not only JRE, because ColdFusion needs a 'Hot-Spot JVM' which is not included in the JRE. If you only install the JRE and change the path in jvm.config to the new location, ColdFusion will start with an 'error 2' and you'll get an errormessage in {CFMX root}/runtime/logs/default-err.log like 'Error: no `server' JVM at c:/Program Files...' -Posted By Juerg Anderegg | 5/15/04 7:35 AM on
STEPS: 1) Install Java SDK 2) Update the java.home path in jvm.config (rather than cfadmin) to point to new JRE 3) Apply ColdFusion 6.1 Updater 4) Apply Hotfixes
  • Hot fix available for null, null errors ( Article b3c51ba1 )
  • Hot fix available for cfchart output not displaying with IIS 6 ( Article 38824ea2 )
  • Hot fix for client variables ( Article 19590 )
  • Hot Fix to upgrade web server connectors ( Article 238944b1 )
  • Hot fix to resolve slow memory leak when enabling Debug Logging ( Article 1ea55f4a )
  • Hot fix to upgrade DataDirect Sequelink ODBC Server to version 5.4 ( Article e917887 )
  • Hot fix for cfdump throwing unknown type error for cfcatch structure ( Article 1a9c83c )
  • Hot fix for ColdFusion not responding to requests ( Article 19536 )
  • Hot fix for ColdFusion Administrator navigation frame on an SSL site ( Article 19597 )

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