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Free Alternative to Dreamweaver in Aptana

Posted by: scoopseven in ColdFusion Tools 12 years, 12 months ago

I've finally given up on Dreamweaver.  Too many times it's locked up on me and refuses to open.  I've had to rename my local source folders, find hidden xml files to delete cache, etc, etc. Too much time wasted to use an editor that isn't that great to begin with.  The one thing that's held me to it was the remote capabilities with RDS and FTP. No more.

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Rendering a Value as Text in a Django ModelForm

Posted by: scoopseven in Django 12 years, 12 months ago

If you need to render a Django ModelFormField as text, that is, the value of that form field as text, you can do so by referring to the bound instance for the ModelForm, like so:

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Linux Cheatsheet / Commonly Used Commands

Posted by: scoopseven in Django Linux 13 years ago

These are some Linux commands that I find myself searching for on a consistent basis.  These commands are used primarily on Arch Linux distros.

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Zinnia, My Django Blog

Posted by: scoopseven in Apple Django Linux Python WordPress 13 years ago

UPDATE: 4/7/11 !!! IMPORTANT !!! Read the comments between Julien and I below before installing or deciding to install Zinnia.  It's far easier than I lay out in this post.  I'm leaving here for reference of what not to do :) --Mark

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Empty / Default Option for ModelChoiceField in Django

Posted by: scoopseven in Django jQuery 13 years ago
UPDATE (8/4/2011):

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