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Coldfusion - No space left on device

Posted by: scoopseven in ColdFusion Linux 12 years, 6 months ago

If you run into a " No space left on device" error when running ColdFusion, check your hard disk space.  If you've inspected your hard disk space, and still have open space on your drive, check your /tmp directory.  We're running ColdFusion 8 on Archlinux and this error wasn't too easy to diagnose.  A df -h lead us to believe that we had plenty of disk space available, but a df -T revealed that our /tmp directory had filled up. It was so full that Arch wasn't able to empty it on reboot, like it's supposed to and trying to remove it manually didn't help either, we kept receiving "Argument list too long" errors.  Rebooting into safe mode and restarting from there forced the clean of the /tmp directory and ColdFusion started right back up.

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Linux Auditd Service and SSH Login

Posted by: scoopseven in Linux 12 years, 6 months ago

We have a CentOS 5.x box that strangely stopped allowing us to ssh in.  It would allow you to enter a username, prompt you for a password, and then just hang there, eventually timing out.  We tracked the problem down to a service, auditd, that acts as a central system logger, rather than /var/log/messages.  We found errors stating "kernel: audit: backlog limit exceeded" in our messages log.

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