KTML problems “Illegal Request”

Posted by: scoopseven 17 years, 1 month ago

KTML is a great online HTML editor, except for the following problem I discovered. When I installed KTML I put it in a global folder, as described below. Then I aliased that folder as "includes/" in IIS in every application I needed to have access to a KTML editor. Everything worked great until I went to upload an image, or do anything requiring the "Remote Folder Browser". I would get this annoying error, "Illegal Request". Ok so I solved the problem, but not the way I wanted to. In order to get it to work correctly I had to put the includes folder in the root of my app. Here was my initial directory structure: [wwwroot] --[global] ----[js] ----[cfcs] ----[ktml] (was aliased in IIS as includes for app1 and app2) --[app1] ----filea.cfm ----fileb.cfm --[app2] ----filed.cfm ----filee.cfm KTML worked fine like this, except for the image button (or anything else that used the file browser). www.app1.com/includes/ just pointed to global/ktml/, everything seemed ok. So I moved the [ktml] folder into the [app1] folder and viola! Everything worked. The good, everything worked. The bad, for every app I have installed I have to install a different version of ktml, that stinks! This has to do with the way KTML deals with session management. Is there any way of getting around that? So I can have the ktml files in a global folder and use it in app1 and app2? Fusebox uses the cfapplication name="app1" setting in application.cfm to keep it's sessions separate, and it works quite well. I only need one fb_core directory, and I can put it at a high level, to run multiple fusebox applications. It seems to me that KTML should be able to implement this same type of way, no?

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